Irenaz Resort San Sebastian


GPS coordinates = N 43º 17’ 21.50” / W 1º 59’ 25”


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Irenaz Resort is located in the best residential area of the city of San Sebastian, an exclusive area next to Miramón Park and 5 minutes away from the city center.

Irenaz Resort Hotel benefits from an exclusive location with quick and easy connections to the city’s centre and beaches. Moreover, there is a public bus stop outside the entrance to the hotel.

It lies near the Parque de Miramon, the city’s largest recreation ground with an ideal 5-km path to go jogging or biking, a stone-seated amphitheatre and several rest areas and picnic sites. The hotel is also close to the restored Caserío Katxola, a former cider house. This building now houses KutxaEspacio de la Ciencia, kind of interactive science museum accessible to everybody, which offers innovative and creative activities.

About 300 metres away is San Sebastian Technology Park that currently accommodates a cluster of 66 companies, technology centres and universities. Altogether they employ more than 2900 people out of which 36% do research and development work. Is the closest accomodation to the new development of the "Basque Culinary Center" 

Grouped at a distance of just over 1km are the most important medical centres in the province – Donostia Hospital, Policlínica de Gipuzkoa General Hospital, and the recently inaugurated Oncology Institute.

Golf players will be less than 800 metres away from the Basozabal New Royal Golf Club of San Sebastian. Due to its importance and proximity, we cannot fail to mention Chillida Leku Museum.

Pº Oriamendi, 94 • Aiete · Miramón • 20009 San Sebastián-Donostia Telefono Tel: (+34) 943 30 81 49 Fax Fax.: (+34) 943 30 92 65 MóvilM. (+34) 690 85 08 09

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